I’ve used Infusionsoft for over 8 years to date and I honestly hate it!

It hate it because it’s so dang hard to switch over to a more simple system.

I also hate that the more simple system doesn’t exist yet… At least not in my opinion.

Infusionsoft is very good at doing complex things that I want, but I hate the interface and how it’s built on such an “ugly and old” platform.

They also have a gazillion 3rd party plugins/add-ons too, which is nice… and it makes it that much harder to switch to a platform that doesn’t have the plugin features you want to use.

They’ve tried their hardest to keep it simple with their drag and drop campaign builder, and they’ve even added a drag and drop email builder.

But there’s still too much complexity to make it easy and not clunky. Especially for new users.

However, even being a “power user”, I want something more streamlined and simple.

Today’s world moves fast, and “simple” is at the top of the list of requirements in order to move fast.

Switching over to simple tools like Convertkit, Drip, or Campaign Monitor does help but then suddenly you’re stuck with the their crappy lack of a drag and drop email builder and some other essential that a tool like Infusionsoft still has.

If I could wave a magic wand, I wish someone would mix Convertkit’s simplicity with Mailchimp’s drag and drop email builder, and then add Leadpages or Instapage as ease of building landing pages.

That would be a start.

Then give us all the flexibility of adding any plugin we want to use (Zapier is closing in on this problem quickly – thanks Zapier!)

Btw, are you waiting for some kind of a software pitch from me???

I don’t have one.

I honestly cannot promote one over the other right now.

To be clear, I still use Infusionsoft, even after multiple attempts to get away from it. I’ve signed up for over 7 different tools.

ConvertKit is probably my next favorite or maybe even Drip.

But with drip I’m locked into using Leadpages (because it’s a product of Leadpages). What if I don’t like Leadpages better than Instapages? Yep, screwed again!

They’re all still doing a half-ass job compared to what people really want and need. They’re stuck on “how do I lock people into my product compared to… “how do I serve my client the best way possible?”

ClickFunnels for example is another app that is supposed to be an all-in-one tool, which includes a page builder and clouts they are NOT “confusionsoft”.

However, I find their tool a bit clunky to build and design pages quickly.

OptimizePress, LeadPages, and Instapages is still superior over Clickfunnels when it comes to ease of building pages.

The impressive thing about ClickFunnels is they are improving every month… so my guess is they’ll dial it in eventually. They also have an autoresponder and automation actions built into their platform now, but it’s still not intuitively designed to match how people’s brains work. They’re a dabbler of everything and a master of none (except maybe the master of having everything in one tool).

In the end, one of the biggest issues all software companies have in common is this:

They’re all created by “programmers” brains trying to think like designers. It just doesn’t work.

Will someone PLEASE flip the model on its head and make a marketing automation software that makes sense visually and intuitively FIRST… then it still actually does what you assume it will do in under the hood?

Pretty please!??!

None of us care how it works or why, just make it easy for us to transition from a great marketing idea – to implementation of that idea fast!… without having to stumble through a programmer’s mind to figure out how to build it all.

Think apple interface mixed with android customization if you want to get customized with it.

End of rant,

Brent Attaway

P.S. The reason I wrote this article is because I get asked weekly: “what marketing automation platform should I use?”

This article is seriously my best answer as of today (March 17th, 2017). I’ll let you decide on how you want to go about it.

I’m hoping a company will prove me dead wrong in the near future and become the obvious choice to build and run an online business with simplicity.