Okay, I have something special and quick to share with you. I just shared this inĀ my mastermind with some of my clients and colleagues who are all successful coaches (all butĀ one, who happens to own a membership software company that many coaches use).

As we started off the Mastermind IĀ shared these 11 things.

My invitation to you is this:Ā Do a quick test and see how many things you’re currently doing.

Please understand I would never expect anyone starting out to have all 11 things integrated, but I would certainly expect you be on you way to doing them all.

I know as I’ve learned to incorporate all 11 things, I’ve not only made more money, but…

  • I’ve become a better coach and person
  • I’ve had more profits..
  • More clarity…
  • More time with my family…
  • More time for playing and going on vacations…
  • More time for reflection and innovation…
  • The list goes on.


The 11 Things All Professional High Earning CoachesĀ Have In Common:

1. They have a clear goal and purpose

giphy (3)

  • They have a clear vision for what their best life looks like
  • They understand clearly WHY they want this life and why itā€™s so important to them
  • They set annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals

2. They keep it simple & use systems

  • Simplified schedule (they block it out and stick to it)
  • Simple and clear goals
  • Simplified offers for their clients
  • Simplified marketing (no crazy complex funnels – especially if they’ve yet to bring inĀ $100k revenue)
  • Their sales process is extremely simple and scripted
  • They have simple marketing and sales systems mapped out

3. They anticipate resistance

  • They understand resistance hits daily right when they wake up
  • They understand resistance comes from 3 main places
    • Themselves – The Inner Game – procrastination, perfectionism, overcomplicating things, easily distracted by shiny objects, not clear on their goals for the week and/or day.
    • Their relationships – marriage, children, parents, siblings, friends, loved ones
    • Their clients – client complaints, taking on the wrong clients, stressing over client results
  • They understand they can preempt resistance with simple daily disciplines and personal habits

4. They say “No” more than “Yes”

Ā giphy (4)

  • They say “No” to the “Shiny” objects like the unlimited tools and software constantly being created
  • They turn down clients that aren’t a good fit
  • They turn down affiliates and partners that aren’t a good fit
  • They say no to industry events that don’t align with theirĀ goals

5. They’re marketing focused

  • They know their audience and understand them
  • They’re constantly dialing in their message to relate and serve that audience
  • They have a simple funnel built to get leads on the phone with them consistently
  • They position themselves as the best option in their marketplace
  • They have a one year marketing calendar visually blocked out with their promos, launches, and fulfillment

6. They deliver results for their clients

giphy (5)

  • They understand what results their clients are really looking for
  • They have a system to repeatedly get these results for their clients
  • They make it easier for their clients to get results, compared toĀ doing it on their own

7. They constantly add massive value to their audience for free

  • Blog posts
  • Video tutorials
  • Video case studies
  • Facebook live sessions
  • Webinars
  • Or any others that are best for their audience

8. They build an email list

giphy (6)

  • They have opt in pages that collect emails
  • They email their list with great value at least 2-3 times weekly

9. They leverage their time wherever possible

  • Automate calendars and appointment scheduling
  • Automate list building
  • Automate marketing follow up
  • Automate social media posts (postcron)
  • Hire a virtual assistant (optional until you hit $100k)

10. They sprint

giphy (7)

  • They understand that things must get done quickly and efficiently. They use sprints to get the most important things done so they can avoid “eternal” projects and procrastination.
  • They sprint and rest (they don’t just sprint to burnout-they sprint and take timeĀ recover and play)
  • They schedule and block out their sprints
  • They do 5 regular sprints to make their life easier
    1. Product Creation Sprint
    2. Funnel Sprint
    3. Content Sprint
    4. Social Media Sprint
    5. Fulfillment Sprint
  • Btw, sprints do 3 powerful things
    1. They guarantee you get your “big rocks” fully done and not get distracted by shiny objects
    2. They prevent two massive business killers: procrastination and perfectionism
    3. Create reliability and trust with your audience because you’re fully down and not half assing everything

11. They work on themselves constantly

  • They understand that in order to coach someone, they must be coachable
  • They work on their health and fitness level so they’re always full of vitality
  • They work on their marriage and cherished relationships
  • They read like a mad-man/mad-woman!
  • They listen to podcasts and/or audio courses instead of the radio or Netflix tv series
  • They meditate to remove distraction in their mind and remind themselves of the bigger picture
  • They attend events that help them grow personally
  • They have a coach or mentor in their own business and life

Hope you enjoyed this!


P.S. If you’re interested in mastering many of these 11 things, then you and I should chat on the phone together. I’m happy to offer a free 30 minute strategy session to help you step up and be a highly successful coach. You can apply for a strategy session right here