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You can access everything for List Builder Blueprint here on this page. You'll find it extremely simple to navigate and access the trainings and resources quickly.

Step 1: Watch the Overview video to understand the process we'll be using to create your list building machine together

Step 2: Watch each of the module videos and follow each step I list out for you.

Step 3: Get building your list and don't get caught up with "paralysis by analysis"!

Good? Okay... Let's roll!



» List Building Focus

» 5 Modules

» 10 pdf documents

» About 3 hrs total


» Master Checklist

» All Downloads & Resources

» Bonus 1: High Ticket Coaching Sales Script

» Bonus 2: Convert Subscribers to Paying Customers

1: Target Your Audience

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS >> Before you can build a email list, it's important we start with getting clear on WHO it is you're wanting on your list.

2: Build Your Lead Magnet

COMING SOON! >> Now that you know WHO you're wanting to attract, let's build your Lead Magnet that will stand out to your target audience and attract them to opt in to your list.

3: Build Your Automated Machine

COMING SOON! >> Okay, so you have a lead magnet right? Let's put it to work! It's time to build your automated list builder machine that will capture the new leads and deliver the lead magnet to their inbox for you.

4: Get Your Traffic

COMING SOON! >> We're soooo close now! You have the machine ready, but no one knows the amazing free value you have to offer with your Lead Magnet. It's time to let your target audience know it's here for them... Start driving traffic!

5: Write Your Emails

COMING SOON! >> Congrats on getting your first lead/opt in. Now what? Answer: You continue to provide value and make "soft offers" that allow your subscribers to choose to work with you and/or buy your products and services. This module is all about how to write those emails, enjoy!