So many coaches ask me:

“What what should I DO to succeed with my coaching business?”

As I think about the answer… 95% of the time I would say this:

If I could give you one big tip. This would be it:

Stop it!

Yep, do not DO anything more. Just STOP doing stupid crap that wastes your money and time.

This morning I was thinking about how many tools I’ve tried using and how many courses I’ve bought and gone through half way. And honestly I’m sick to my stomach.

And I don’t mean about the over $100k I’ve spent. That’s sucks too 🙁

But what makes me 10X more sick is this:

The thousands of hours I’ve completely wasted in distraction and chasing shiny objects. Telling myself somehow I just need one more software or tool or course to make my ideas work.

Typing this is literally making me gag and throw up in my mouth just a little bit. 🤢

10 years ago, I began building my online business. 4 years ago I STOPPED buying more courses to learn from.

Instead, I told myself I would become the master of implementation of everything I’ve already invested in and just get the work done.

I STOPPED making it so difficult to succeed.

A Quick Fictional Story…

Here’s what I mean in the most basic terms:

Have you ever said on a Saturday “Today I’m going to clean the house and I’m going to make it squeaky clean!”?

So you get started…

You start cleaning the coffee table off and removing your kids cluttered crap from the table…

Suddenly, within 90 seconds you get stuck focusing on a minor scratch on the coffee table you’ve never noticed.

So you google some of the “as seen on TV” scratch repair stuff for varnished tables that’s magically repairs the table by just rubbing it on.

scratch repair TV

…Then as you’re shopping you see the wonder mop that would really make it great to clean the floor so much faster, so you add that to your cart.

tv mop

… then you see this super unicorn 🦄 shining solution that looks like it’s made by the Keebler elves. This stuff will clean your windows and leave them streak free for 60 days! Why would you not get that? That will save your hours of time. And time is money right? Boom!… add that to cart!


And the list goes on.

Suddenly after 90 minutes of shopping instead of cleaning, you find yourself sitting their with a dirty house and a nicely organized coffee table, that still has a scratch. That’s about it.

But hey, you have 3 new products on the way that will solve all your cleaning problems, right?

Then the next Saturday arrives and your cleaning tools finally show up….

So you start the same old process over again: wash, rinse, and repeat!
(By the way – how many tools and courses do you have “stacked up in your closet?”)

How This Relates To Your Business

Look, the same happens with your business.

You sit down to build a simple landing page that should only take you 30 min max and you end up signing up for 3 landing page software trials and wonder what logo would look best at the top of the pages.

And while you’re signing up landing page software you see they integrate with 57 different autoresponders, which makes you wonder if your current autoresponder is the right one…

So you sign up for 3 different trials to autoresponders wondering which one connects best to the landing page software you just signed up for.

Then you realize you need a shopping cart to sell your information product….and so on and so on.

Even if you have something like ClickFunnels that does a decent job at consolidating all these tools into one place, there’s still things that are missing.

You still have to write good copy or no one will buy your stuff, right?

So you wait to launch and go searching for a copywriting course that won’t break the bank but still hopefully teach you what you need to know.

Have you ever been there?

Here’s the answer…


Take it from someone who’s been through the struggle in several online businesses of my own and already gone through the wringer.

Instead, here’s all you need to START DOING right now:

Step 1: Create Your Offer

  • Get clear on what you’re great at and create a simple coaching offer that people actually WANT (not need – but they desperately WANT).
  •  Make this your bread and butter offer that you really want your best clients to sign up for.
  • It should be at LEAST $1,000 for a fixed period of time. For example: 6 weeks.
  • This costs you nothing, but your time.

Step 2: Lead Magnet

  • Create a lead getting freebie like a free report, checklist, or guide that’s no more than 3 pages long. That includes some images and graphics if you have them.
  • Just make it short and sweet and to the point they want to discover. This isn’t supposed to be all of your ideas crammed into one report. It’s just ONE small great idea or solution that solves their immediate pain they are very aware they are in right now.
  • Write the copy for it and send it to Just search eCover designs and Lead Magnet design. That will pop up plenty of options for someone to take what you’ve written and make it look “fancy”.
  • This will cost you $5-20 max. Easy-smeazy.

Step 3: Landing Page

  • Now while you’re waiting for Fiverr to make your lead magnet, go ahead and create a super simple landing page that will display your lead magnet for everyone to see online.
  • This landing page’s purpose is to collect new leads, meaning this: “If you enter your email here, then I’ll send you this free report to your inbox.”
  • This page is so dead simple and cheap to create using something like Instapages or Optimizepress (Optimizepress is easy if you already have a WordPress website).
  • Only use the template they provide, don’t make your own from scratch (I always start with a template).
  • You’re going to refrain from customizing it too much.
  • The only things you might want to change is the color (to match what you want).
  • You’ll definitely want to change the copy to offer whatever your lead magnet offer is. That’s it.
  • Delete anything else on the template that you don’t like or use. You don’t need testimonials, logos, or anything else.

Step 4: Autoresponder

  • Now that you’re landing page is setup, get yourself a autoresponder tool like (free until you get like 3,000 contacts or something like that). You can also use one of my favorites: ConvertKit or Aweber. They both are extremely affordable to start with (less than $30/month)
  • Once you’ve chosen your autoresponder, it’s time to write 1 simple email.
  • The purpose of this email is to confirm someone’s request for your lead magnet after they put their email in the opt in box on your landing page you’ve created.
  • Here’s what you want to mention in this email: Confirm they made a great choice, let them know the [free report name here] is attached and to jump in and get the great value it has to offer for them. Also let them know you’ll be sending them some amazing tips and strategies every week or so on how to [whatever transformation/help you offer here]. Let them know it’s absolutely free and you hope they enjoy it.
  • Done with that email. Make sure this email auto sends after someone opts in for the free lead magnet. Your autoresponder tool of choice will show you how to do this very easily.

Step 5: Now connect the dots

  • So right now you have 4 things you’ve created: An offer (so you can get sales), a lead magnet (so you can collect leads), a landing page, and an email autoresponder.
  • Now let’s connect the dots.
  • First, get your lead magnet from Fiverr and put the eCover design on your landing page. This is easy if you just pick a landing page template that has an image placeholder for a free report.
  • Now look for the opt in form on the landing page template and be sure it’s connected to your autoresponder. Usually you just have to click the opt in form on the template and it give you options on which auto-responder you want to use.
  • Now save everything and test it yourself. Just enter your own info on your landing page and be sure you get the email successfully in your own inbox.
  • You now have a way to collect leads for your coaching business for FREE. You’re offering great value with your lead magnet and starting the first touch of trust with your new leads.
  • Every week you send out a piece of great advice via email using your autoresponder tool. In that email give them a very soft sales offer that lets them know they can get your help with a free strategy session on [your topic here].
  • People will begin requesting a free strategy session. You’ll hold a call with them over the phone for 30 minutes and you’ll make an offer at the end of that call to join your coaching so you can help them further. They will either say NO or YES to that offer.

At this point, your job is this:

  1. Keep finding more ways to spread the word about your free lead magnet (paid ads, social media, etc)
  2. Keep sending great value each week to anyone on your email list that includes a soft offer to get a free strategy session
  3. Keep holding strategy sessions and you’ll get mostly “NO’s” with a few “YES’s!


I want to hear what you think about this process I just outlined… Too confusing? Not enough detail?

I also want to hear that you actually DID IT and tried it before you give me any grief or excuses as to why you “can’t do this”.

Looking forward to your response. I’m especially looking forward to your first sale from this process. It works, just get it done.

Talk soon,


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P.P.S. If you’re still not getting what I’m talking about with “stop it”, then you’ve gotta watch this video. LOL!