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Here's What Xtreme Follow Up Will Do For You

You'll finally be able to easily & consistently follow up, know exactly what to say, and pick up that money you've been leaving on the table

More Sales Appointments

You'll get more appointments and opportunities to close deals than ever before!

Build Trust With Clients

Follow up is not just a sales activity, it builds trust and reliability with your prospects when they see you follow up consistently when you say you will.

Create Consistent Cash Flow

Follow up generates cash flow that is more consistent because you're able to close deals that were there all along.

Stay Top Of Mind

You'll be the first person on your prospects mind when they are ready to pull the trigger.

More Referrals

Follow up naturally motivates your new customers to refer more because you were also consistent with them in the sales follow up process.

Save Time

You'll save several weeks per year because you won't have to be out prospecting and more time closing deals.

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Week 1: Quick Win

Your first week will be taking immediate action and producing some appointments from your existing prospect lists

Week 2: Organize Your Pipeline

The second week is about setting up and organizing your sales pipeline with all your current prospects. This is like finally cleaning out your office so it's productive and focused work.

Week 3: Leverage Automation

In week 3, you'll discover how to leverage scripts and automation so you know exactly what to say, when to say it, and even automate those messages going out to your prospects.

Week 4: Leverage Your SDR

In week 4, you'll learn how to find, hire, and train your new favorite person in the world, a Sales Development Rep. Their job will be to do the majority of your follow up for you.

Week 5: Efficiency

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BONUS: Filling The Pipeline

I'll show you 3 simple strategies to keep filling your sales pipeline without knocking doors.

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