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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_color=”%234f4f4f”]Brent Attaway is a consultant to coaches all over the nation and the creator of both The Sprint Method and Transformation Matrix.

The Sprint Method is the most efficient process of building and launching your business or product with massive impact for your clients.

Transformation Matrix is a unique system designed for coaches to create massive transformation for their clients… while creating an amazing lifestyle of fulfillment and freedom for themselves and their family.

After building a marketing system and team that has pumped out almost 800 online marketing funnels for coaches, Brent is one of the most sought after internet marketing and business consultants in the nation.[/text_block]


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”24″ font_font=”Nixie%20One” font_color=”%234f4f4f” top_padding=”10″]Hi, I’m Brent Attaway.

I can immediately relate with you on a very personal and real level… even without knowing your background or where you come from.


Because you and I have something in common. We’re both coaches, we both more than likely have a family, and we both are striving to build a business that supports our family, and makes an impact beyond just ourselves and our bank account balance.

I’m 36 years old. I’m from Park City, Utah… but have also lived in Florida, Vava’u Tonga, and Idaho. I love experiencing new things and follow the thinking from Jim Rohn who always made an impact on me when he said:

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree!”

My wife, Kristi and I met in Drivers Ed in high school back in 1995 and have been married since 2001. We have two boys, four boxer dogs, and love snowboarding (hence – Park City, Utah).

I’m a normal guy that has made plenty of mistakes and continues to make mistakes. But with some some hard work and my fair share of “luck”, I have also had some amazing successes and rich experiences.

You’re probably wondering,

Is This Dude Worth My Money And Time?

Answer: I have no idea. Maybe… Maybe not.

Only you can tell me that. However, I will share this:

If you’re here hoping for a quick fix or some kind of “get rich in 90 days or less”… I’m not your guy.

I used to get caught in that mumbo jumbo when I was first getting started over a decade ago. I hoped I could make a lot of money with the least amount of effort possible. (What a whirlwind that belief patten took me through!)

Now I have several businesses. One – I partner with my wife and help transform people’s body and life through amazing products, coaching, and an incredible community.

I also have this consulting business for coaches – which is my passion and “real work” I do on a daily basis. I believe in coaches and the impact they have on the world. I’m dedicated to helping coaches that are serious about their abilities and that want to reach as many people as possible.

In the mix, I also have an online marketing funnel agency with a full team that builds powerful marketing funnels for small businesses around the world.

Building these businesses and the several others in the past have all taken a massive amount of work, mistakes, frustration, and creating new disciplines before I ever dialed it in.

…And it still takes focus and work to keep it all growing.

Now, I wake up daily with a phone app that notifies me how many people have invested in my product and services I sell… while I was sleeping!

Sounds kinda “hype-y” right?

Here’s the thing, it really does go that way on a daily basis, for me and my clients.  And I’ll tell you what… It’s a fun feeling!

But does that really mean I don’t work?

Of course not. I still have to do marketing, innovate my products and services, and do all that I can to adapt to this ever changing market called… the WORLD.

So if you’re thinking I’ll help you work less right off the bat… that’s probably not going to happen (You’ll possibly work more).

We’ll first have to revamp things like your thinking, the way you see your products and services, and possibly a few other things.

But understand this: I like to be efficient and effective if I’m going to give my time, focus and energy towards something or someone. That’s why I believe in doing “Sprints” and created The Sprint Method. (more on that another day)

On another topic: If you don’t want to advertise and learn marketing, you’re not going to like our time together.

The great Peter Drucker said:

“Business is really just two things: Marketing and Innovation.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

So if you can’t wrap your mind around becoming a great marketer and innovator for your own business, then you may want to just stick with a 9-5 job. You’ll probably be happier there, because business is for serious players only – with some serious rewards!

However, if you’re looking for a better way to build a coaching business, willing to work to make it streamlined and efficient in getting results for your clients, plus get paid really well for the value you bring…

Then we just may have a chance at working together and making some big breakthroughs in your business, income, and lifestyle.

It’s important you understand what I’m sharing with you – Are you getting this?

Because I’m also all about making my own life efficient, focused, and fun. I love freedom and lifestyle. I love creating rich experiences with my family and friends.

And it takes money to do all of that. But money is just an exchange of value. The more valuable you become to your marketplace, the more you’ll get paid. The more you get paid, the more freedom and lifestyle you can create.

So that’s where we’ll start… how do you create massive value for your clients in a way that no-one else can even come close to?

And that takes a large amount of work, energy, focus, and time… in the beginning.

Make sense? Good.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • I’ll always give you the blunt truth about whether your ideas and products will actually make any profit for you and if they’re worth pursuing.
  • I’m here to show you the shortest path to success. That means giving you clear and precise steps with actionable strategies and tactics.
  • You’ll get directions and guidance from me personally. We’ll work together on how to build the best business model for YOUR preference, goals, and preferred lifestyle.
  • I’ll hold your feet to the fire and help you stay focused towards what we agree is the best path for you to take. Trust me, you’ll want to go off that path and I’ll be there to bring you back on track.
  • When we choose to work together, I’ll give you my best, every single day and I’m fully committed to your success.

Where should you start?

The smartest way to get started is by getting your hands on some of the free materials, online classes, and trainings I offer regularly.

If you like the free stuff, you’ll more than likely benefit from my paid trainings and services.

Here’s What You’ll Find Instantly:
My main focus is to help you launch a profitable coaching business in record time and then grow that business into something that supports your dreams and lifestyle.

I’m the creator of something called The Sprint Method. Which is a fancy title that means “creating and launching highly powerful products and offers in the most fast and profitable way possible.”

In my opinion, it’s the most powerful and effective system to launch any business or product to the market.

My clients and I do several types of sprints together including:
Launch Sprints, Marketing Funnel Sprints, Content Sprints, Social Media Sprints, and a few others.

All of this makes a coaching business worth building without facing the burnout and frustration of “the eternal launch” that just never gets off the ground fully. (Can you relate?)

I also focus on your offers and positioning in your marketplace, so you’re able to demand premium prices for the value you deliver. (none of this low price stuff, yuck!)

Then I hold your feet to fire and assure you stay focused on what matters most and stay away from the pitfalls and “shiny objects” that are constantly competing for your attention.

So, Here’s My First Offer To You:

Dive in deep to the free content I offer. Register and attend one of the free online classes/webinars I offer regularly.

If those help you see results, consider investing in my systems and expertise when I make you an offer.

Sound like a plan?

See you soon!

Brent Attaway[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”40″ font_style=”italic” font_color=”%23333333″]quotes-greyIf you’re looking for help with strategy, EXECUTION and someone that understands communication, then look no further….[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center”]Dustin Mathews
Co-Founder, Speaking Empire[/text_block]